Why Is My TPLink Router Not Working?

Just brought a new TP-link WiFi router and wondering why tplink router not working? Or did your router suddenly went offline out of nowhere?

If we use a wireless router to connect your devices to the internet, we might come across such issues once in a while. These issues are relatively common, and there is no need to panic in case you face them yourself. It is necessary to set up your wireless router properly to avoid such issues.

If you manage to pinpoint the exact reason why your TPlink router not working, then you will be able to get it online in no time. In this article, we are going to discuss some issues that are commonly faced by users due to which their TP-link WiFi routers don’t work correctly.

  • Poor positioning of the WiFi router can be a reason. If you have set up your router in a place where broadcasting WiFi signals is difficult for the router, then you are bound to face issues.
  • If you are too far from the WiFi router, then you will notice a drop in speed. You need a good router with four antennas in case if you want to use it over a large area.
  • Check if you have adequate power available to your WiFi router. Always use a suitable power adapter to power your TP-link WiFi router.
  • If you are sure that nothing is wrong with your set up, then it might be your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Connect the ethernet cable coming from your ISP directly to a PC/laptop and see if you can access the internet through it.

To solve these most common problems, you can try out some of the following basic tricks and see if it works for you. Before you get into that, check out How To Setup TPLink Router for more information.

Try to reset the configuration of your routers. This is called factory data reset and is done to clear all the settings. Sometimes software bugs cause the router to not behave in a way we want it to. To solve it, a data reset is mandatory. If you are resetting the router altogether, it is a good idea to check if any firmware updates are available for your WiFi router. This would save us the trouble of setting up the WiFi router again and again. 

It is always a good idea to contact the customer service cell of TP-link for getting a quick solution to all your problems. It will save us a lot of your time. If your router is still under warranty, you can even get it replaced from the manufacturer.

So this was a short article which explained some issues due to which your TP-link WiFi router might not be working. I hope you found a solution to your problem or at least able to understand the future course of action better.  If you are getting issue to access the internet after connecting successfully to the Tp-links wireless router’s network, then visit this link for more information.