How To Set Up VPN On TP-Link Routers?

TP-link routers are probably one of the most commonly used WiFi routers in the whole world. The WiFi routers that come TP-link brand are robust, feature-packed and among the most secure WiFi routers that you may ever find. In this article, we are going to discuss the privacy of TP-link WiFi routers.

First, we are going to explain what a VPN is and how it works, then we will move on to a guide which will help you setup VPN on your TP-link WiFi router. If you are looking for a guide which explains how to install your new TP-link WiFi router, then check out Tplink Router Installation.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Surfing the internet over public WiFi networks is no less than risking all your data. You need an additional layer of security to protect your identity and privacy over a public WiFi network. There are a lot of people who connect to public WiFi networks that are available in shopping malls, cafes, airports and other public places. If you are an unfortunate enough, it is possible for your data to be stolen by hackers.

VPN and stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a way of securing your online identity when browsing public WiFi networks. The encryption that a virtual private network provides helps you protect your privacy when sending emails, making transactions or chatting online. VPN protects you from people who are trying to eavesdrop on your activity.

It becomes impossible for even search engines to track your browsing history because they associate your browsing with the IP address, which is not yours. VPN creates a tunnel-like network between you and the server, which makes every device on your network think that your location is somewhere else. There are VPNs available which let you choose which server you want to connect to. You can connect to service from any country bypass any region-wise restriction imposed by any application.

There are several VPN applications available, depending on what platform or OS that you are using. TP-link WiFi routers, however, come with an option through which you can set up a VPN manually. In the next section of this article, we are going to explain how you can set up a VPN on your TP-link WiFi router. If you are trying to connect your TP-link WiFi router to another router, click on How Do I Connect My TPLink Router To Another Router?

Setting up a VPN on TP-link WiFi routers

The process of setting up a VPN on your TP-link WiFi routers is pretty straightforward. Suppose you want to set up a VPN on your TP-link WiFi network when you must first own a licence to any VPN application. There are several VPN applications available in the market; you have to do your own research before purchasing one.

Once you have decided which VPN servers to opt for, we can proceed to setup VPN on our TP-link WiFi router. Every TP-link WiFi router has its different user interface, but the process remains more or less the same for all new TP-link WiFi routers. The method of setting a VPN on older firmware of TP-link WiFi router is in slightly different, but for the sake of simplicity, we are going to stick to new firmware for now.

Open the administrator control panel by going to the following address: or and log into your administrator account. Find the advanced setting tab and navigate to the internet section. Then change the internet connectivity type to L2TP. You should know three things that you will be asked to enter in the next window.

You should know the username password and VPN server address. You can get all three credentials from your VPN provider. Make sure you check the dynamic IP address button available on the same screen. Once completed all the above steps carefully, then TP-link WiFi router who tried to connect to the VPN server. Press the connect now button that you find on next screen. If the username, password and VPN IP address are correct, you will directly be connected to the VPN server.

Whenever you want to disconnect from the VPN server, you can navigate back to the same window present in the advanced settings page of your TP-link control panel and press the disconnect button.

Using VPN significantly slows down your internet speed. It depends on the VPN server how fast it responds. If you use a premium VPN, then there will be a minimum slowdown. Sometimes VPNs also interfere with the working of some payment gateways and mobile banking applications.

If you are planning to get a VPN, make sure that your mobile banking application and payment gateways that you use regularly work fine. It is always recommended to check the reviews and try out the VPN before purchasing the premium version.