How To Improve TP LINK Wireless Router Speed Or Range?

There are a lot of things that you need to consider during the TP-Link router installation process for improving the speed and range of your Wi-Fi router. There aren’t many guides available on the internet which explain the optimisation process step by step. So in this article, going to explain how you can improve TP Link wireless router speed or range without spending a single dollar.

Best practices to maximise TP-Link wireless router’s range and speed

Here is the list of things that everyone should do in order to increase the Wi-Fi router speed and range by a good margin. If you are not able to access the TP Link wireless router’s admin panel, check out: TP-Link Wi-Fi Net Login Not Working.

Keep the TP-Link Wi-Fi router in the center of your house/office

This is probably the most important thing when it comes to picking up the right position for keeping your Wi-Fi router. People often do not understand the importance of positioning Wi-Fi routers correctly. This can have a significant impact on the range of your TP-Link Wi-Fi router.

Avoid keeping TP-Link wireless router in a covered area

If you’ve covered your Wi-Fi router with a lot of walls or other objects, then there is a good chance that the Wi-Fi signals we get absorbed by them. The Wi-Fi signals at radio frequencies can easily get lost when they come into contact with objects in the surrounding.

Adjust the frequency and band of TP-Link Wi-Fi router

If you have a Wi-Fi router that supports dual-band operation, you should start using it. There are two different frequencies over which Wi-Fi routers can work.

  1. 4 GHz frequency: Low-frequency signals can travel larger distances compared to the high-frequency ones. if you want to create a Wi-Fi network over a large area and you don’t care much about the high speed, then you should stick to the 2.4GHz network.
  1. 0 GHz frequency: If you want high-speed network in a very specific area, you can switch to the 5 GHz frequency. This is ideal for small homes and offices where you want to access the internet at high speed and you don’t care about the range of your Wi-Fi router.

It is also interesting to note that Wi-Fi performance tends to degrade if you have kept your Wi-Fi router in a crowded area. By crowded area what we mean is is a room or a region with an excess number of electronic devices. Since a lot of devices, these days use radio frequencies to communicate, there is a lot of interference in the areas where a huge number of devices are present.

Boot the intruders on your TP-Link Wi-Fi router

If you have been using your Wi-Fi router for a while now and haven’t changed your password for a long time, check if some unauthorised devices are accessing your network. The purpose may be to get access to free internet or steal your private data, unknown devices are dangerous. Kick out any device that you do not recognise that is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Update the firmware of TP-Link Wi-Fi router

TP-Link regularly releases Wi-Fi router updates. If you have not updated your Wi-Fi router in a long time, you should check for updates now. The updates to Wi-Fi routers bring new changes to the device. You can expect to get bug fixes, UI improvements and other new features. Refer TP-Link Wi-Fi Net Login Not Working if you are facing issues with the admin control panel of your TP-Link Wi-Fi router.

Upgrade to a Wi-Fi 6 TP-Link wireless router

Wi-Fi 6 is the next revision of wireless fidelity. The routers which support Wi-Fi 6 have almost double the speed of previous-gen Wi-Fi routers. If you have a Wi-Fi router that is not able to get your work done, you should upgrade to a new Wi-Fi router with supports the Wi-Fi 6 standard.

Check TP-Link Wi-Fi router’s power supply

A clean current supply to your TP-Link Wi-Fi router means that it can have enough power to connect to all the devices that are accessing the internet through it. There are a variety of problems that you will notice with your Wi-Fi router if the power supply is not adequate. Hence, it is always recommended to use a power supply that comes from a reputed brand, preferably TP-Link itself, so that the ratings of your Wi-Fi router and power adaptor match properly.

Use Wi-Fi repeaters

If you are using your Wi-Fi router in a crowded or large place, you should consider purchasing a Wi-Fi repeater. A Wi-Fi repeater is a device which can extend the capabilities and range of your Wi-Fi router. There are a lot of manufacturers which make excellent Wi-Fi range extenders. Purchasing one can boost your Wi-Fi routers range significantly.

Check your devices by an Antivirus program

If I have tried all the steps that are mentioned in this guide and still, you are not able to see in the results, then maybe you should get your device through which you are accessing the internet checked.

That is all you can do boost the speed and range of your TP-Link Wi-Fi router. We hope the article enriched your knowledge of Wi-Fi routers. If you still face issues with Wi-Fi routers or range extenders, feel free to browse for more articles about the topics from the links given in this article. You can also contact the customer service of TP-Link and get accurate support.